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S4S Technology Services provides a wide service network addressing all requirements of the clients with its widespread business partner channel and experienced support team. Working with our support team, we are continuously in touch with our business partners’ offices in Turkey to address all requirements and possible needs of our clients’ projects. 



With its post-sale support services, S4S Technology Services aims to create qualified human resources, raise experts and enhance the competence of the users of our products.

Our customers and their teams will have the opportunity to have detailed trainings designed by our experts in accordance with their requirements about system solutions and personal development.

The solutions we provide for our clients’ demands are;

•    Periodical Care and Maintenance Service 

•    Execution and Technical Training

•    Remote Connection

•    7/24 Customer Service



S4S Technology Services provides project development and counseling, specially designed for the demands of the firms, boosting their productivity and accretion.  



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